The End of Average Cassandra Nordell CEO & Co-Founder
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About Us

Mutually Enriching Lives & Homes

We consider ourselves very lucky to work with amazing clients that have grand design dreams. And we’re beyond appreciative that we get live out our passion day by day, project by project.

We never view our work as a burden but rather the birth of a new concept, a fresh challenge and a welcomed relationship. At the end of each kitchen redesign, bathroom remodel or whole home transformation, we’re as transformed as the homes we’ve worked on.

We vow to guide you through the renovation journey so that you can actually enjoy the process, and we promise to leave you with a functional, beautiful and healthy space that works for you and your family.

At William Standen™, we’re always looking forward to helping you achieve your next interior dream.

Our Heritage

Knowing where you’re going is about knowing where you come from. Our name is made up of the history of who we are.

William is after Founder Cassandra Nordell’s grandfather and father – William Nordell.  Standen is after Founder Patrick MacLean’s grandfather – Charles Standen Jeffery


Cassandra Nordell
Cassandra Nordell

An innovative and highly strategic business leader, Cassandra has forged a new path within her industry and built William Standen Co. into a one-stop-shop within the home design, renovations and home goods markets.

Cassandra’s innovative leadership has been widely recognized. She made the 2016 W100 list in Canadian Business Magazine as one of the top 100 female entrepreneurs in Canada. She’s also been recognized by PROFIT Magazine for leading Canada’s fourth fastest growing company in construction and consumer services and one of the country’s top new growth companies.

In co-founding William Standen Co., Cassandra set out to increase the availability of high-quality home renovation products within Southwestern Ontario and make home renovations easier and less stressful for her clients. Along the way, she’s streamlined and simplified the process, allowing clients to benefit from working with just one company throughout their renovation journey.

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Patrick MacLean
Patrick MacLean

As Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Patrick has helped to build William Standen Co.™ into a one-stop-shop for high-quality home renovation projects. Patrick measures his success by the long list of positive client testimonials William Standen Co. has acquired over the years. His love of working with people shines through in his daily dealings, as does his commitment to providing exceptional service.

Patrick’s acute business mind and strategic foresight have allowed William Standen Co. to respond to the demands of an ever-changing economy. Patrick has laid the groundwork for growth and created a strong foundation that will enable the company to continue to expand. William Standen Co. was recognized by PROFIT Magazine as Canada’s fourth fastest growing company in construction and consumer services and one of the country’s top new growth companies.

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