The End of Average Cassandra Nordell CEO & Co-Founder
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Studio Coordinator

With her bright personality leading the charge, Adia has had a extensive career in customer service. She joined us at William Standen™ in early 2019 as a studio coordinator for both our
Sarnia and London interior design studios. Adia thrives in a fast-paced, challenging environment. She enjoys connecting with customers on a personal level to help foster a unique and intimate customer service experience. Sharing knowledge and information about the products and services we provide can be life-changing to our customers, which is an element of the job that Adia finds immensely satisfying.

When she’s not in the office, Adia likes to spend most of her spare time creating and learning by challenging through art, music, physical activity and intellectual pursuits.

“I feel strongly that it is impossible to represent a brand that you don’t believe in. William Standen is a brand that serves their customers, their employees and their environment with honesty and integrity. They leave everything better than they found it and it’s refreshing to work under that business model.”