The End of Average Cassandra Nordell CEO & Co-Founder
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Tile/Flooring Installer

Nimkii is one of the top tile installers in Southwestern Ontario and we’re proud to have him on the William Standen Co. team. Since 2016, Nimkii has been helping us transform clients’ homes by installing tile and flooring with precision and skill. He’s a sponge for knowledge and soaks up everything he can from Ryan, Paul and Bob – the senior members of our construction team. When he’s not on a William Standen job site, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. Photographing birds, going on kayaking adventures and biking through nature trails on his brand-new bike are a few of the ways that Nimkii escapes the concrete jungle.

“I feel really grateful to work with Bob (aka the William Standen Tile Guru) – he’s taught me everything he knows and has helped me become a better tile installer every year. I couldn’t ask for better owners than Patrick and Cassandra. They treat their staff like more than just employees and give great work and life advice.”