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Cabinetry & Millwork

Paul has been with William Standen Co. since the very beginning and is a vital part of our team. He began with William Standen™ as a cabinetry installer and is now a project manager, overseeing every project and the construction team. To say that Paul is talented is an understatement. His carpentry work is meticulous and skillful and his analytical mindset allows him to oversee all of production from project management, services, to our renovation crews. Paul also works to develop processes to improve the overall customer experience.

Paul is in high demand and could work anywhere, so we feel lucky that he chooses to work with us. The rest of our team is grateful that he chose William Standen Co. as his place of employment too. He’s generous with his time and energy, acting as a mentor to junior employees and always taking the time to teach, train and offer advice.

From the time that we first opened our doors, Paul has been an integral part of developing our business and production processes. And he continues to lend his insight and intelligence, helping William Standen Co. become more efficient and productive.

“My career at William Standen™ is both challenging and rewarding. I have a multifaceted position that allows me to use my skills as a Cabinetmaker, finish carpenter and team leader. I work with a group of talented people who give their best everyday!”