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Keeping your renovation on budget and on track – Part 2

September 12, 2019

Renovations – Why most projects go over budget by 50%. Part 2 

Written by: Cassandra Nordell, William Standen Co. for the London Free Press

In part 1, you may have read that over 30% of Canadian kitchen renovation projects exceed their budget by more than 50%! The first issue is that most people do not know where to begin and usually start making purchases before they have a solid plan in place. Nasty surprises can arise from not having a detailed design and construction plan.

There are numerous factors that make up a successful kitchen project and jumping into it can be scary. It will most certainly end up costing you more than you expected in the end, but planning ahead is key to reducing worry.

Don’t get overwhelmed. 

When you hire a professional designer every detail of your project will be accounted for and specified ahead of time. A designer is not a sales representative and is there to help you make informed decisions. They are not on commission.

Benefits of a qualified designer:

Consider This:

The cost of a qualified designer is a small price to pay compared to the thousands of dollars you plan to invest into your home. If you are investing any amount into your home, spending the money up front on a designer will save you thousands of dollars in the end by eliminating surprises and things you may not have thought about.


Cassandra Nordell is the Co-Founder of William Standen Co. & Nordell Homes, based in Sarnia and London Ontario. Cassandra is an award-winning entrepreneur and designer. Her design work has been featured on HGTV Canada as well as been published in countless magazines, both international and domestic. For more information on working with Cassandra & her team visit