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Exquisite Custom Cabinetry

A kitchen redesign or bathroom renovation isn’t complete without exquisitely crafted cabinetry and millwork. What makes our cabinetry so wonderful? We pair the finest materials and finishes with the highest quality craftsmanship, and our cabinets are designed specifically for your space. We go above and beyond environmental standards during the creation stage to ensure your interior’s air quality and integrity is never compromised.

Our custom cabinetry meets the strictest indoor air regulations for not off-gassing harmful toxins into your indoor air. Our cabinets are CARB 2 compliant with low-VOC finishes and are constructed with a soy-based resin. This ensures that your new purchase contributes to healthy indoor air for your family.
We have over 1500 cabinetry colours and door-style combinations. We can also custom create a new colour or door style just for you. Whether it be a new cabinet door with a vintage finish or an etch of a special design in the cabinet door (like your family initials), the possibilities we can provide are endless.

Our custom cabinetry features a written lifetime warranty so that you can rest assured that your investment is forever protected. Our quality craftsmanship guarantees that you will be able to use and enjoy your durable custom cabinetry for many years to come.

High Style Main Floor Deign & Remodel

The goal for this home was to revitalize the interiors. A wall was removed which separated the small kitchen and an unused home office to create an inviting kitchen that serves as the heart of the home.

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Luxury Living Country Setting, New Home

For this new home build, we injected elegance and functionality into the kitchen and bathrooms.

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The Ultimate in Kitchen Luxury

A narrow kitchen gets a luxurious makeover.

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I am building a new home, do you provide cabinetry for these projects?

Yes. Choosing the right design professional to compliment to your new home build is an important decision for your project’s success. There is a significant difference between a layout and a true design. Our designers work with home builders and their clients to provide the best space plan or cabinet design in relation to human ergonomics, building codes, overall functionality and look.

Can I purchase just the cabinets if I'm not renovating with William Standen?

You can purchase our custom cabinets if you’re ordering for a kitchen, bathroom or other section in your home.

Is your cabinet finish water based?

No. Our cabinet finish is low-VOC and certified by the air research board and is
formaldehyde-free. We do not use a water-based finish, as sometimes there are issues with the durability and lifespan of this finish. Some water-based finishes can also show a very slight texture. Our finish is smooth and flawless.

Will your white cabinet paint finish yellow?

No. We utilize the best paint finish in the industry. However, if a white cabinet is exposed to direct sunlight every day, the colour may change slightly after many years. The most common kitchens we replace are white kitchens that are approximately five years old from other manufacturers because they turn yellow as a result of not using a high-enough grade paint and topcoat, or by using tbaked on plastic finishes, which end up yellowing and/or peeling off.

Will stained woods change colours?

All natural wood will lighten or darken over time. Our catalyst finish is the most durable finish on the market and will slow this process down. But over many years it will change slightly.

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